Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The First multi-spectral scan of an evergreen stand

Delamere Forest, Cheshire, Plots 2, 3 and 4

Another bright and sunny morning has greeted our third field trip and as we are planning to visit all three sites today, our first scan in plot 2 is setup earlier than normal. We are also joined today by Jerry Joy, a Masters student at the University of Salford, who is conducting some research on how differing canopy cover affects GPS signals.

Jerry Joy with differential GPS receiver

Phenological observations - Plot 2: The oak trees are displaying a distinct difference from last week and are well into the first leaf stage of growth. The leaves on the birch trees are also continuing to grow and there is a definite 'greening' of the undergrowth, with a mass of brambles and bracken which are up to about 70cm.

First leaf on lower branch of Oak tree at plot 2

Phenological Observations - Plot 3: There is little phenological change in the larger Sweet Chestnut trees, with a small amount of bud burst visible. On the other hand, smaller Sweet Chestnuts and Rowans approx 3m high are exhibiting a first leaf and are already forming a secondary canopy. There is still very little undergrowth at this plot.

Fisheye photo from plot 4

Plot 4: The final plot is a mixture of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine. This is a predominantly evergreen stand, therefore phenological changes are not obvious in the canopy as new and old needles appear at the same time. This plot is to be used to compare against the deciduous plots and also to test how well SALCA can capture conifer trees in 3 dimensions.

Intensity image from plot 4 using the 1550nm laser

Phenological Observations - Plot 4: The ground is well covered by dead bracken and needle fall and there is a large covering of moss on the ground as well as vigorous bracken growth with immature plants growing up to 80m already.

The future of terrestrial laser scanning, today!

N.B. Mosquito repellent to be added to field equipment list.

Oliver Gunawan
19th April 2011

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