Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Trip 7

The weather is much cooler and overcast as the typical British spring is back. Luckily, we've managed to get a whole day without rainfall!

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Phenological Observations - Plot 2: The canopy here has not changed significantly since the last trip, although the undergrowth and in particular the brambles and bracken are still developing. Below is a graph displaying the differences in gap fractions in plot 2 over a month, using the fisheye photography. The light green line from the 19th April shows a larger gap than the dark green line from the 19th May, displaying how the canopy has filled in at different zenith angles (where 0 degrees is closest to vertical).

Canopy Gap Fraction Analysis from Plot 2

Phenological Observations - Plot 3: The canopy is still developing, however there is still very little undergrowth.

Clouds are starting to gather here, so we have decided to do a smaller resolution scan of the final plot, which will also produce a useful dataset for testing some of the code we have produced.

Chris with SALCA, surrounded by bracken at plot 4

25th May 2011
Oliver Gunawan

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Trip 6: Back on Track!

The 2 weeks of miserable weather has finally cleared and allowed us another day for field research. In addition, we have a new generator and back-up supply which gives us another level of security just in case.

Phenological Observations - Plot 2
: The Oak and Birch both appear to have reached full leaf and the canopy is now very well developed, with the whole of plot 2 looking significantly greener than 2 weeks ago. The brown/grey leaf litter is also gradually being replaced by green bracken and bramble bushes, some of which are producing flower buds.

Fisheye Photo of Plot 2 canopy
Phenological Observations - Plot 3: While plot 2 has a much more mature canopy; at plot 3 the Sweet Chestnut crowns are still developing, with significant growth even in the higher branches, but the canopy cover is not yet complete and leaves have not yet reached their full size. There is still very little undergrowth, but small shoots, grasses and moss are appearing near to the plot.

Oliver and Chris setting up SALCA at plot 3.
Phenological observations - Plot 4: Whilst the tree canopies have not changed much here, the undergrowth has exploded and ferns are now growing to head height all around the plot.
Fisheye plot from Plot 4 using the 1040 laser

19th May 2011
Oliver Gunawan

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Trip 5: Problems with power

Another nice day for fieldwork, but the forecast shows that this could be the last chance in a while before rain sets in and it looks like the hottest April on record is starting to turn into much more typical UK Springtime weather. We arrive at plot 2 in good time, but have been starting to experience issues with our generator due to a loose connection in the setup. The generator and scan need to be restarted, but we do manage to complete a full recording.

Developing canopy at Plot 2
Phenological Observations - Plot 2: The canopy is developing in both Oak and Birch trees, with Oak leaves growing up to about 15cm in length. The undergrowth is greening up with most bracken plants, fully unfurled and some of the brambles starting to produce buds.

Oak leaf growth, Plot 2
At plot 3, the generator refuses to work and we have to admit defeat. After consultation with the manufacturers, it would appear that the invertor has blown and the whole generator must be replaced. As the unit is still under warranty, a new generator is on it's way.

Canopy at plot 3

Phenological Observations: Plot 3: First leaves are still not fully developed on higher branches of the Sweet Chestnuts, however the lower canopy is now very developed although there is very little undergrowth.

This has been a frustrating expedition, but we have resolved our power issues and have purchased a back-up power supply, which should help protect the circuit.

Oliver Gunawan
4th May 2011