Monday, 17 October 2011

SALCA back in business

October has seen some changes for the SALCA project with Oliver Gunawan moving from the SALCA research assistant position to take up a PhD in the School. Oliver will be working on spatial mapping of urban areas and will incorporate airborne and maybe terretrial laser scanning into the project.

Dr Alberto Ramirez finally gets his hands on SALCA
October also saw Alberto Ramirez complete his PhD research using our Riegl TLS system to characterize multi-temporal changes in forest stands at Delamere Forest. Alberto has now taken over from Oliver and is starting to run a series of new calibration tests following the return of SALCA from Halo Photonics. Some adjustments have been made to the power of the lasers in order to better balance the return intensities from the two wavelengths. A new filter mount has allowed us to dispense with the cardboard and sticky tape, and the pulse repetition has been modified in 'stare' mode.

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