Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SALCA paper in Remote Sensing of Environment

We are pleased to say that the results of the leaf drying experiments described earlier in the blog, and some additional modelling work, have now been published online in Remote Sensing of Environment. The paper demonstrates a good relationship between a normalised ratio of the two SALCA wavelengths and leaf equivalent thickness and shows the values of this ratio to be in-line with those expected based on PROSPECT leaf optical properties modelling. It represents the first test of an active laser scanning instrument for measuring leaf moisture content. The challenge now of course is to scale this up to canopy levels - lots more to come on that over the next few months!

You can read more in the final article available online:
Gaulton, R., Danson, F.M., Ramirez, F.A. and Gunawan, O. (2013). The potential of dual-wavelength laser scanning for estimating vegetation moisture content. Remote Sensing of Environment, 132, 32-39.

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