Wednesday, 31 July 2013

More action from Australia

Tuesday saw us back at Karawatha Forest park to collect SALCA data along side the Riegl VZ400 and Faro instrument. In addition to the laser scanner data the the team are collecting field spectrometer data to characterise the spectral properties of leaves and bark. Sampling the upper canopy requires the use of an oversize slingshot which propels bean bag and string into the canopy; the bean bag wraps around branches and these are then pulled down for sampling - sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes wrong!

Steve Hancock and Andrew Burt (University College London) attempt to untangle the sling-shot string!
Rachel and Mat Disney (University College London) use an ASD Fieldspec to measure leaf reflectance and transmittance
 Short clip of SALCA in action - the noise of the generator wins over the birdsong for most of the clip

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