Monday, 25 May 2015

New paper tests SALCA data processing algorithm

A new paper, led by Steve Hancock, has just been published in Remote Sensing of Environment comparing different methods for intensity estimation from full-waveform lidar data over vegetation. The paper shows, amongst other things, that the the 'sum' method is more accurate than Gaussian fitting when extracting intensity from full-waveform lidar data. Steve was instrumental in developing data processing methods for SALCA and the sum method is now routinely implemented in our data processing.
Steven Hancock, John Armston, Zhan Li, Rachel Gaulton, Philip Lewis, Mathias Disney, F. Mark Danson, Alan Strahler, Crystal Schaaf, Karen Anderson, Kevin J. Gaston, 2015, Waveform lidar over vegetation: An evaluation of inversion methods for estimating return energy, Remote Sensing of Environment, 164, 208-224,
Science Direct link to pdf
ResearchGate link

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