Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Trip 5: Problems with power

Another nice day for fieldwork, but the forecast shows that this could be the last chance in a while before rain sets in and it looks like the hottest April on record is starting to turn into much more typical UK Springtime weather. We arrive at plot 2 in good time, but have been starting to experience issues with our generator due to a loose connection in the setup. The generator and scan need to be restarted, but we do manage to complete a full recording.

Developing canopy at Plot 2
Phenological Observations - Plot 2: The canopy is developing in both Oak and Birch trees, with Oak leaves growing up to about 15cm in length. The undergrowth is greening up with most bracken plants, fully unfurled and some of the brambles starting to produce buds.

Oak leaf growth, Plot 2
At plot 3, the generator refuses to work and we have to admit defeat. After consultation with the manufacturers, it would appear that the invertor has blown and the whole generator must be replaced. As the unit is still under warranty, a new generator is on it's way.

Canopy at plot 3

Phenological Observations: Plot 3: First leaves are still not fully developed on higher branches of the Sweet Chestnuts, however the lower canopy is now very developed although there is very little undergrowth.

This has been a frustrating expedition, but we have resolved our power issues and have purchased a back-up power supply, which should help protect the circuit.

Oliver Gunawan
4th May 2011

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