Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Trip 7

The weather is much cooler and overcast as the typical British spring is back. Luckily, we've managed to get a whole day without rainfall!

Welcome to the 21st century: there is no escape from your emails

Phenological Observations - Plot 2: The canopy here has not changed significantly since the last trip, although the undergrowth and in particular the brambles and bracken are still developing. Below is a graph displaying the differences in gap fractions in plot 2 over a month, using the fisheye photography. The light green line from the 19th April shows a larger gap than the dark green line from the 19th May, displaying how the canopy has filled in at different zenith angles (where 0 degrees is closest to vertical).

Canopy Gap Fraction Analysis from Plot 2

Phenological Observations - Plot 3: The canopy is still developing, however there is still very little undergrowth.

Clouds are starting to gather here, so we have decided to do a smaller resolution scan of the final plot, which will also produce a useful dataset for testing some of the code we have produced.

Chris with SALCA, surrounded by bracken at plot 4

25th May 2011
Oliver Gunawan

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