Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Trip 10 - Filter confirmation

The tenth trip to Delamere is really about confirming that everything we've put in place so far provides optimal performance at both wavelengths before we conduct our week long, intensive visit from 4th - 8th July. This visit is also an excellent opportunity to test out the new mount that has been custom made by the University Mechanical Workshop.
SALCA on new mount, which allows for levelling at all four corners.
Despite a late start and some decidedly ominous cloud cover, the scans all run smoothly and we have managed to collect some really good results. The coarser scans allow a bit more flexibility and we are hoping to try to fit in 8-10 sites a day next week. There is little change in the canopies now, as further leaf growth is more concentrated on bulking out the canopy as opposed to expanding the cover.
SALCA at Plot 3
The undergrowth at plots 2 and 4 continues to grow with fruit starting to appear on some of the brambles in plot 2 and the bracken at plot 4 exceeding 2 metres in some areas (this undergrowth in particular can be seen on the scans that we have produced).
SALCA at Plot 4 - in amongst the bracken
The resulting fisheye graph from Plot 4, which shows the influence of the undergrowth around the edge of the image.

Next week, an intensive study of the site will be conducted in an attempt to collect as much information over as short a time as possible. Consequently, alongside SALCA, we will also be using a Riegl 210z scanner as well as conducting various manual data collection methods including tree surveys and Diameter Breast Heights.

We are praying that the rain holds off.

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