Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Trip 8: Delamere Filter tests

The development of the canopies at all three plots is starting to slow down as they fill out. Therefore, it is not necessary for our research to continue on a weekly basis and we are now able to focus on fine tuning SALCA's recordings.

Today, we are experimenting with different filters using the hemispherical scan mode at plot three, which has been the latest to develop. In previous research, we have found that different filters allow different levels of information through to SALCA's recorder, with the 1040 returning noticeably weaker signals than the 1550, which itself produces some saturated returns.

The white panel pictured has a known reflectance
We currently use an ND1 filter, but will also be using ND0.6, ND1.2 and ND1.6 (larger numbers indicate stronger filters).
A selection of optical filters
We are also experimenting with a lower resolution scan, to see how well the trade off stands between data volume and speed of collection. If we find the results compare favourably with a full resolution scan, we could potentially complete many more scans in a single day.

No chair this week, but still no escape from marking

1st June 2011
Oliver Gunawan

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