Thursday, 20 February 2014

New TLS research at Forest Research

In mid January the SALCA team participated in discussions at Forest Research UK to plan a new TLS experiment to scan leaf-off and leaf-on woodland at Alice Holt, Surrey. The plan is to scan the plots in March and July and then to carry out destructive sampling to measure the wood biomass and total leaf area of a number of Oak trees. We were hosted by Eric Casella and James Morison (Forest Research) and others from University College London, University of Grenoble, France, and Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland

L to R. Andy Burt (UCL), Lucy Walker (USalford), Markku Akerblom (TUT), Rachel Gaulton (UNewcastle), Eric Casella (ForestResearch), Mark Danson (USalford), Pasi Raumonen (TUT), Mikko Kaasalainen (TUT), Mat Disney UCL), James Morison (Forest Research), Frank Hetroy (UGrenoble)

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