Friday, 21 March 2014

SALCA returns to Delamere

SALCA has returned to Delamere Forest in Cheshire to start a year-long field campaign to monitor canopy phenology. Five plots have been located within the forest:
Plot 1: Mixed deciduous (mainly Oak and Silver birch)
Plot 2: Sweet Chestnut
Plot 3: Common Beech
Plot 4: Mixed evergreen coniferous (Corsican pine and Scots pine)
Plot 5: Japanese Larch (deciduous conifer)

Leaf-off measurements are nearly complete - just in time as green buds have already started appearing in the Silver birch. Spring is a busy time in the canopy so Mark and Lucy plan to scan frequently throughout this period to capture the 3D characteristics of development and activity within the canopy. The data collected at Delamere will form a significant part of Lucy's PhD.

SALCA at Plot 1

Following a review of the data we collected in Australia, and preparation for our upcoming field campaigns, we have recently implemented a couple of improvements to the instrument and scanning procedures. This has included introducing new filter combinatons to balance the power of the lasers and swapping the petrol generator (which gave up on our first day at Delamere!) with a 24v battery - this has the added benefits of being quiet and much easier to carry!

Mark at Plot 3

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